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The photomicrographs of freshwater phytoplankton (aka plankton or algae) in Michael R. Martin's Phytoplankton Image Library are presented for your reference and enjoyment. All images are copyright © Michael R. Martin 1998 - 2015 All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use these electronic images, high-resolution scans and/or originals, you must complete and submit an Application for Image Use Request Form. This document includes a price list and is available in pdf format. One-time use for educational purposes is FREE but you still must fill out an application. Please see our legal page for more information. Contact Michael if you have any questions.
Bacillariophyceae - diatoms
Chlorophyceae - green algae
Chrysophyceae - golden algae
Cyanophyceae - bluegreen algae or bluegreen bacteria
Dinophyceae - dinophytes
Euglenophyceae - euglenophytes
Bonus images
Algae Blooms
Algae Blooms
Daphnia flash animation
Daphnia flash animation

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