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Cedar Eden Environmental offers comprehensive lake, watershed and environmental management services. Michael R. Martin, Certified Lake Manager, has over 30 years of experience throughout New England, the Northeast, the Adirondacks and Mid-West diagnosing water quality issues, conducting environmental monitoring and developing holistic water quality and aquatic plant management plans for municipalities, water suppliers, lake associations, and government agencies. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, along with an extremely tech-savy nature, to all of his environmental projects.

If you are dealing with invasive aquatic species, harmful algal blooms (HABs), nonpoint source pollution or desire to protect your aquatic resources, let's work together to solve your water resource concerns.

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Phytoplankton (Algae) Image Library - photographs of algae and phytoplankton
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Aquatic Plant Image Library - photographs of aquatic plants, aquatic "weeds", plants found in lakes and ponds
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